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APLIX GROUP (hereinafter referred to as “Our Group”) highly values the importance of the protection of personal information, and we devote ourselves to protecting your personal information in accordance with the policies as follows.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Our Group will adhere to any and all laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information as well as this privacy policy when handling personal information.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Our Group collects your personal information only by proper and legal means

3. Purpose of Using Collected Personal Information

Our Group collects and uses your personal information only for purposes listed below. In case that we intend to use the personal information for any purpose other than the following in some particular cases, unless otherwise provided in the relevant laws and regulations which prohibit our disclosure to you, we will explicitly inform you of such use.

(A) To introduce and provide our services
(B) To introduce our events and campaigns
(C) To confirm the registration and/or application to our services
(D) To distribute and deliver our products
(E) To contact winners of our rewards, presents, campaigns, and other activities that involve giveaways, and to deliver the prizes and/or the like of the foregoing
(F) To do surveys for our services
(G) To confirm the identity for services provided to registered members only.
(H) To provide and contact for relevant services of (A) to (G)
(I) To respond to your inquiries and/or requests
(J) To determine the acceptance of applications to our job vacancies

4. Preservation and Management of Personal Information

Our Group takes all necessary and appropriate security control measures to strictly protect, preserve and manage the personal information provided to us and prevent them from being disclosed, destroyed or damaged. To the necessary extent of accomplishing the above listed purposes, we do our best to keep the information accurate and up to date. In the event that we delegate a third party to collect your personal information, Our Group will appropriately supervise our delegated partner to ensure that your personal information is under secured control.

5. Communal Usage

To the necessary extent of accomplishing the above listed purposes, your personal information provided to us will be shared amongst Our Group companies. Aplix Corporation, the parent company, is responsible for controlling the communal use of such information.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our Group will not disclose any personal information provided by you to a third party without obtaining prior consent from you unless otherwise permitted by laws and regulations.

7. Response to Inquiries

Our Group will respond to your requests to disclose, correct, cease using, delete, and cease providing to a third party of your personal information appropriately in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. We also handle inquiries and complaints in regard to our handling of personal information.

8. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Our Group may amend all or parts of this privacy policy for the improvement and enhancement of our control of personal information. In such events, the most updated privacy policy will be promulgated on our homepage.

Enactment Date:December 18,12

Aplix Corporation
Representative Director
Satoko Kurahayashi

(Personal Information Related Inquiries)
2-20-9 Nishi-waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051, Japan

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