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About Aplix

Our Mission

Aplix's mission is to make the benefits of Internet of Things available to everyone, everywhere and on everything by designing and offering easy-to-use and yet affordable wireless connectivity solutions to bring value to all sectors of the market. As a leading solution provider for consumer electronic products with a proven track record for nearly 30 years, we understand that our customers' needs go beyond connectivity. Therefore we've gone the extra mile, combining our high-quality radio modules and advanced network technology to develop a comprehensive solution that provides insight into consumer behavior and enhances the usage of our customers' products. Our passion is building strong partnerships with our customers to create a new business model for the Internet of Things.

Our Background

Package Software for the NeXT Computer System


Aplix was the first Japanese company to become an official software developer for the NeXT Computer System and developed a multi-media authoring system which became the first third party software package for the NeXT Computer System to be distributed in Japan.

CD/DVD Authoring Software


Based on the multi-media authoring software which Aplix developed for the NeXT Computer System, Aplix developed an easy-to-use CD DVD authoring software which supported various audio, video and data formats. The software was originally distributed as an independent package software but with the popularity rising, many CD and DVD burners and PC manufacturers decided to bundle Aplix's software with their hardware until Windows and MacOS started to support CD and DVD authoring as a standard feature of the operating system.

Automotive Telematics


With the propagation of CD authoring system, it also became the professional tool to create CD-ROMs with maps for car navigation systems. With a huge customer base and many many years before the mobile Internet become popular, Aplix developed and licensed an automotive telematcis system which extended the map data storage by communicating with a host computer through a circuit-switch mobile phone connection.

Java for Consumer Electronics


With the usage of the Internet expanding into the non-technical community, Aplix foresaw the needs for an andvanced but compact computing environment that can be used on consumer electronic devices. Aplix became one of the first software companies to be granted a license from Sun Microsystems to develop and distribute products using Java Technology. With the technical expertise from developing automotive telematics systems, Aplix developed a small but powerful Java execution environment which was selected by Sony to be used for its portable video camera which became the world's first general consumer product based on Java Technology.

JBlend on Mobile Phones


With the success of Aplix's Jave Execution environment "JBlend" in the consumer electronics market, major mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung, and major mobile telecom operators such as DoCoMo and Vodafone, selected JBlend for their products and services which led to more than 800 million devices with JBlend now shipped worldwide.

The dawn of the M2M age

zeemote JM1

In 2005, a new company called "Zeemote" was founded by MIT graduates in Boston to develop wireless communication technologies that can connect consumer electronic products to mobile devices. By joining the Aplix group in 2009, Zeemote has been able to focus on doing research and development on various wireless technologies and analog intereface technologies to connect homogeneous home and office appliances to the Internet.

From M2M to the Internet of Things


With the track record of enabling more than 800 million mobile devices to run applications connected to the Internet, Aplix has foreseen the need such as simple and inexpensive home and office appliances to the Internet. By developing a simple but sophisticated wireless communication module and combining it with the vast computing power in the cloud, Aplix has created a powerful but cost competitive solution that can be used for any kind of consumer products, even with products that aren't electronic!

Our Products and Solutions

Aplix Realtime E-Commerce Solution

Where we are


We are based in Burlingame California, right between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Our office is just a few minutes drive away from the San Francisco International Airport which provides convenient access to anywhere in the world.

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