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Aplix Patents for Internet of Things

Fundamental Patents

※Japan Patent Claims as of November 2015









IoT Business



Location Services


Encryption and Security


Cloud and Servers




Aplix IoT Patent Samples and Appications

Encryption needed for IoT
Basic patent for secure communication between appliances and smartphones.(Laid-open patent 2015-138455)
IoT for E-Commerce
Display Replenishment Information(Laid-open patent 2015-176197)。
Detect status of appliances and inform related products.
Enhancing the merit of using IoT
Appliance status notification triggered by the user’s usage.
Energy saving by only be activated by user’s usage.
Covering wide range of patents needed for IoT
Cover each application area from multiple aspects to provide a total solution.
Ex: For Pets(Smart Pet Door, Automatic Pet Photographs and Video Submissions, Automatic Pet Food Consumption Volume Notification, Smart Cleaning Pet Toilets, Pet Toilet Usage Detection, all covered)

Aplix Patent Operation

Aplix's intellectual property (IP) is a valuable business asset where the strategic utilization of IP assets can substantially enhance the competitiveness of our business and provide opportunities for future profit. Aplix is never hesitant to take measures to exploit our IP and protect it wherever possible.

1, Applying from Basic Systems to Applications
Aplix patents covers wide ranges from basic systems such as authentication, encryption and communications methods to specific applications such as notifications from water filters and pet toilets, display of advertisements of related products.
2, Applying Globally
Aplix technology can be used globally, so all the important patents are filed in major target markets such as US, Europe, China and Korea.
3, Applying Fast
Aplix patent team works day to day with our R&D team to quickly apply for new patents in the fast moving market.
4, Proactive Utilization
Aplix actively licenses it’s IP and utilizes the opportunities for future profit.
5, Highly Talented Patent Team
Aplix patent team is directed by a experienced leader who has been in charge of IP strategy in one of the most known innovative major electronics company in the world. Under his supervision, our team has in-house attorneys who can file patents and negotiate license deals quickly, intensively and cost efficiently.

Utilizing Patents

*Our policy is to actively license patents to help expand the industry and contribute to the increase of our shareholder’s value.

*Aplix will vigorously purse any patent infringements.

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